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Hydrant Testing

Hydrant systems are susceptible to many external factors such as maintenance and repairs within the water system, deterioration, expansion for new developments, etc. Brother's completes a Fire Flow Test to determine that the available water supply is sufficient for fire fighting purposes and will also identify possible deficiencies that need to be addressed.
Once tested, hydrant tops and caps can be painted to indicate their appropriate GPM class. This helps fire departments to quickly assess what methods and hoses they will use to ensure proper water supply in an emergency situation.

NFPA recommends that hydrants be tested every five years. Brother's Fire Service can design a hydrant testing schedule so that a percentage of hydrants are tested each year making the full system check as cost effective as possible.

Brother's can also perform annual hydrant inspections as recommended by AWWA  and recognized by P.I.A.L.  This service if done annually will count for 7 of your 30 points on your rating.